I am a curious interlocutor wanting to watch and fervently consume everything to discover pinnacle moments in previously ignored spaces, and affective instability encountered through daily disturbances. My work develops out of a deep curiosity for uncovering situations of trauma in the everyday. To reveal the supposedly hidden structures of our desires by rendering visible how we find ourselves in relation to others. I like to focus on everyday spaces, places, and objects: the roads, architecture, furniture, or daily ephemera we pass by, touch, or live with on a daily basis as a way to investigate how the attention we give to the world, is the attention we return to each other. I demarcate these spaces for experience through exploration of myths, historical legacies, and cultural influence in site-specific projects as a means to re-organizing agency in the disorganization of daily life. I use this method as a cinematic framing device, and find inspiration through inhabiting and performing in highly charged personal spaces, everywhere from the bedroom to the suburban backyard, and creating tension by conflating the private with public realms. Who gets to have certain attachments and claims to history or culture?

Within this expansive web of knowledge I am drawn towards difficult, obscure, marginalized spaces in film, literature, philosophy, and music along with the artists and writers who engage with the production and consumption of this work. I seek to map new paths through the avant-garde cannon as an attempt to reclaim its vital impetus, rather than purely fetishizes the practices therein. As a desirous voyeur who wants to reanimate the most gorgeous impulses in the unlikeliest of places, I view myself as a trans-historical operator instigating an enlivened meshing of visual culture in everything from rap, popular culture, Gothic fetishism, 90s music videos, supernatural phenomenon, horror, and obscuring the lines between them.